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 This site is getting old and clunky and hard to post new pics on. Please visit either our tumblr site, or even better our new facebook site for all the new stuff. Details further down this page. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Welcome to Woofdogbark , Manchester and the North-West's leading model makers of sets and props for film,TV, animation, promotion and commercials. Between them Rick and Jeff have over forty years of model making experience in all aspects of model and set construction.For the last ten years our main work load has been from childrens T.V. animation. We have been expanding our portfolio into theatre and architectural modeling.T.V. commercials also continue to provide a good deal of our workload. More recently our work has taken us into TV drama ,making action props, special effects props and safe items (knives, bats stones,bricks and etc) to be used in fight scenes.

Heres a nice little job we've just done, a bit tricky to drive on remote control (just ask the crew and director) but as you can see works nicely when you are in the driving seat. More jobs like this please!!!


Heres a link to our weblog where we are posting new pics of our work, have a look.


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